Human Trafficking awareness in the Wiregrass

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — World day against Human Trafficking is July 30th, and this day is meant to bring awareness to a topic many choose to push to the side, even though it can affect everyone.

“There needs to be an awareness because it doesn’t always look like what the movies portray, and for instance, people say, well surely this doesn’t happen in Dothan Alabama, but the first case that was prosecuted at the state level was in Dothan, Alabama,” said Allison Moody, board member of Dare to Hope Inc.

According to the US Department of homeland security, Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery. Because of Dothan’s proximity to I-10, Human Trafficking cases are higher. It’s usually found in the forms of sex trafficking or labor trafficking, by the use of fraud, coercion, or force.

“Force would be, you know is easy to define, where it’s like if you don’t do XYZ, I’m going to kill your family or I’m going to kill you. Coercion is; if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. Fraud is pretending to be someone good, and maybe their boyfriend, and then really being a pimp.” said Moody.

A pimp is any individual, male or female who sells people, whether that’s men, women, or children, for profit. Most pimps rent rooms out to their victims or house them in motels and use the internet to sell the victims.

“You can sell a drug one time, you can sell a gun one time, but you can sell a human many times, and so it is a billion-dollar industry and there is no way to really track the true statistics of how many people are in sex trafficking or labor trafficking because a lot of it is done in secret.” said Moody.

If you are in need of help or think you have identified a victim of human trafficking reach out to the human trafficking hotline 888-373-7888, or visit the Dare to Hope Inc. website

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