UPDATE: 9:30 a.m.: Mobile Police escorted Clarence White from Police headquarters to a squad car Monday morning. They were taking him to Mobile County Metro Jail.

He was wearing a mesh spit mask over his entire head. White wouldn’t answer questions from reporters as he muttered swear words, saying, “Someone is going to pay for this.”

Police say he was taken into custody after the standoff, without incident, when SWAT negotiators convinced him to come out of the home unarmed.

Police say he’s charged with attempted murder, charged as a person forbidden from carrying a handgun, and outstanding warrants. There are three listed related to domestic violence charges.

UPDATE: 4:43 a.m.: A Mobile Police spokesperson says the suspect is 43-year-old Clarence White and he will be charged with attempted murder and possibly other charges pending the outcome of their investigation. A spokesperson says police were responding to this neighborhood at about 1:10 this morning. White was known to officers in previous domestic violence cases and had several outstanding warrants.

A spokesperson says he was located at a home on Randolph Street, threatened officers, and fired shots from a window. The SWAT team was called him and he voluntarily came out of the home after a standoff and was taken into custody. No one was hurt.

Jail records indicate White has had previous run-ins with the law. He was booked on domestic violence charges as recently as October 11th of this year. Police say this was not his home but the home where previous instances of domestic violence occurred.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — One person is in custody following a roughly two-hour standoff with Mobile Police early Monday morning. It happened on Randolph Street in Midtown Mobile. Officials say someone was firing at police and then barricaded themself inside a home.

That started at about 1:30 Monday morning. It ended at about 3:15. We don’t know how that person was taken into custody or what charges that person may be facing. Police cruisers blocked the surrounding intersections to this neighborhood for hours. Neighbors that we spoke with nearby said they were startled to see so many police vehicles in their neighborhood this early in the morning.

We’ve reached out to a Mobile Police spokesperson for more information and are waiting to hear back.