ALABAMA (WDHN ) — Enterprise native and Alabama Senator Katie Britt is headed to the Middle East to show support for Israel during the country’s ongoing conflict with Gaza.

Britt and a bipartisan delegation of Senate colleagues led by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham left for the worn-torn area Friday morning.

Israel declared war on Hamas in Gaza after a surprise attack by Hamas terrorists on Saturday, October 7, the Jewish holy day of the Simchat Torah.

According to Britt’s office, the Senators will meet with regional leaders during their trip.

Today, I’m headed to the Middle East with a bipartisan group of my Senate colleagues
led by Senator Lindsey Graham. This trip signifies our continued, unequivocal, and
resounding support for Israel and the right to defend herself against the barbaric aEacks
on innocent children, women and men by Hamas terrorists. As a mom, as an American
and as a Christan, I am absolutely horrified by what we’ve seen. On our trip, my
colleagues and I will advocate for stability in the Middle East as we work towards long
term sustainable peace that keeps Americans safe at home and abroad. I will continue to
work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the days and weeks and months ahead
to ensure that Israel has everything it needs. Peace will only come through strength. The
stability of the world, the region, the security of our own homeland, and the safety of our
communities and families depend on it.

U.S. Senator Katie Britt