SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — A traffic stop on the Baldwin Beach Express led to the discovery of drugs and guns on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Summerdale Police Department. Police said two people, on their way to the beach for spring break, were arrested.

“They had made it known that they were heading to the beach area to go to a party,” said Summerdale Police Chief Kevin Brock. “They had a drum type 50-round high capacity magazine that went into one of the pistols, obviously not for your normal every day firearms person so there are some red flags that go up,” he explained.

Lashun Deon Williams, Jr., 20, from Prichard, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. A juvenile was also arrested and taken to the Baldwin County Juvenile Detention Center.

Police said they spotted a 2013 Honda Accord “traveling at a high rate of speed” south on the Baldwin Beach Express. When a Summerdale Officer initiated the stop, police say people in the Honda began tossing items from the back windows.

“When the officer approached he saw some of the bags they were throwing out had stuck to the window so you could see the narcotics,” added Brock.

Police said the Honda stopped near Engel Lane. As the officer approached, he saw a bag stuck to the side of the car, according to the release.

One passenger was detained. Another ran from the scene. The officer said the passenger who ran tossed more items before the officer was able to catch him.

The officer then searched the car and gathered items that were tossed. Police said the officer recovered 44 Fentanyl pills, 39 Zanax pills, two guns, one of which had a 50-round drum magazine. Chief Brock says fentanyl is a dangerous problem across our area.

“We’ve had several overdoses. We had another overdose last night. It’s out there. It’s dangerous. We want to make sure that people are safe as far as driving and if we can take some drugs and guns off the street while we do it,” said Chief Brock.