MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Decatur towing company says it is being connected to an officer-involved shooting that killed a man last week, but it wasn’t the one involved.

The Decatur community continues to search for answers surrounding the shooting death of 39-year-old Stephen Clay Perkins.

According to the Decatur Police Department (DPD), a towing company called officers after the driver said the man, later identified as Perkins, pulled a gun on him while trying to repossess a vehicle.

When officers arrived at the home with the towing company, DPD says Perkins again came outside with a gun. Authorities say Perkins then pointed the gun at an officer and that officer shot him. Perkins was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

Family members argue the towing company was at the wrong house.

It’s been almost a week since Perkins’ death and expressions of frustration have come in many forms, from protests to phone calls. But, some say it’s not all aimed in the right direction.

According to the owner of ‘All Star Towing and Recovery,’ located in Decatur, it has been unjustly receiving a lot of the blame. Through social media, community members have been saying an ‘All Star’ towing company is responsible. However, there is more than one towing company in Decatur with that name. The other company is named ‘All Star Recovery.’

Given the companies’ similar names, there have been some mix-ups over the years, but when it is something as serious as this, the owner of All Star Towing and Recovery, Heath Compton wants to set the record straight.

“I want to share my condolences with the family of Mr. Perkins and we want to let everybody know that we were in no way involved,” Compton said.

All Star Towing and Recovery is located on Central Circle and All Star Recovery is located on Poole Valley Road.

“For years, however long they have been in business here, we’ve been mixed up for that long… I get phone calls every day, sometimes 10-15 calls a day, from people looking for them because they don’t have any contact information on Google,” Compton said.

Compton says he’s just dealt with it over the years, but now he has to draw the line.

“The lady called me and she said, ‘I need a tow’ and then she says, ‘Never mind, y’all are the ones that got that boy killed,’ and hung up the phone. She never gave me a chance to explain the situation. Now that this has happened, I have to draw the line, this is too much… We have to do something,” Compton said.

The company has met with associates of Stephen Perkins who showed up at its door, but Compton says the meeting ended positively once they realized they were at the wrong place.

All Star Towing and Recovery says it’s been around for years before All Star Recovery and it has no plans to change its name.

News 19 visited All Star Recovery to talk to someone about these claims, and we were not welcomed.