DALLAS Co. (WDHN)— After two weekends of early morning alligator hunting in Dallas County, the Rouse family finally had luck when Owen Rouse, 10, was able to bag the largest alligator recorded in the West Central zone of Alabama this season.

According to Austin Rouse, the father of young Owen, they had been fighting with the beast for nearly two-and-a-half hours before they were able to get the alligator beside the boat, close enough for the kill.

“We had to get three hooks in him, three fishing rods, to be able to get him all the way up by the boat,” said Austin Rouse.

The alligator weighed in at 388 Pounds and 11 feet.

According to Owen, he was sleeping when the family first came upon the alligator but woke up when they had him next to the boat. After getting a noose around the alligator’s neck, Owen was able to take the shot of a lifetime.

“Whenever I shot him, I just started shaking,” said Owen Rouse “It was great. I like it, I’ll do it again.”

As of now, alligator hunting season has ended for 3 of the 5 Alabama state zones.