Matthew Wine

Matthew Wine, Chief Meteorologist

Matthew grew up in Louisville, KY where he attended Christian Academy of Louisville from Kindergarten to Senior year. He fondly remembers classmates asking him about how hot it would be and if there would be any severe storms that week. His interest in weather started when his mom turned on The Weather Channel every night during Hurricane Katrina to watch the constant coverage of the storm. As a thrill-seeker, Matthew was amazed that people could actually place themselves in the path of a hurricane and give reports from inside the storm.

Matthew obtained his Meteorology and Broadcast degree from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. While he was there, he took part in numerous organizations including Christian Student Fellowship, three different meteorology clubs, News Channel 12, and became a Founding Father and President of the Epsilon Xi chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. One of the most amazing experiences he had in college was being WKU’s mascot, Big Red. The belly-rolling, head-eating mascot embodies the Spirit of WKU and took Matthew to many places across the US. Putting a smile on people’s faces (especially children and those with special needs) made every sweaty moment extremely special.

Now that Matthew is in Dothan, he is looking for ways to get involved in the community. He misses doing community service projects and hiking like he used to as a Boy Scout. If you are part of a volunteer organization or know of any good hiking trails nearby, please message him about it! He’s also looking to get plugged back into a church community, so don’t be shy about reaching out to him with your favorite churches

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