Ted King

Ted King, Chief Meteorologist

Originally from Cornwall NY just 50 miles north of New York City, Ted comes to Dothan after forecasting weather in Great Falls, MT for the past six years. Forecasting was always a challenge in Montana as the weather there is very often extreme.

Ted also has experience forecasting weather in the South; his first job was in Wilmington NC, and he also worked in Myrtle Beach SC for a number of years.

During his first year on the air, Wilmington was hit by two hurricanes, Bertha and Fran. His time in Myrtle Beach saw many tropical systems as well. So Ted and tropical storms/hurricanes are no strangers to one another.

Ted’s always loved weather, and knew he wanted to be a weatherman ever since he was very young. Ted likes to ski and loves sports and the outdoors. Weather was always his first love, but that took a back seat after he met and married his number one love: his wife Darlene.

Ted is very very happy to be in Dothan for a number of reasons, two of those being the location and milder weather

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