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Every Greek Vasilopita Recipe needs this very important item

Golden Saint Basil Vasilopita Coin Front and Back Images

Saint Basil Vasilopita Coin Front and Back

St Basil Vasilopita Coin for New Years

One Lucky Person will find the Gold Coin, will it be you?

The Golden Saint Basil Vasilopita Coin

The Golden St. Basil Vasilopita Coin

Every Greek Vasilopita Recipe needs this very important item

Every Greek Vasilopita Recipe needs this very important item”
— Timothy Papadeas
DAYTONA BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Elevate the Greek Orthodox New Year Tradition with the St. Basil Golden Vasilopita Coin

The holiday season is upon us and as the New Year approaches, Greek Orthodox Churches, Greek communities, and Greek Orthodox Associations around the world are preparing to celebrate the time-honored tradition of the cutting of the Vasilopita on New Year's eve. Every Greek Vasilopita Recipe needs this very important item.

The delicious Greek New Year's bread is literally named after St. Basil the Great who began the tradition 1,600 years ago, "Vasili" is Greek for Basil and "pita" in Greek means bread or cake. Finding the coin in the bread or cake will be the star of the show this year. To further elevate the Vasilopita experience, vasilopita.com is offering the Golden Vasilopita Coin, a must-have addition to every recipe, also available at patmospress.com and other retailers online.

Patmospress.com is an online provider of Greek Orthodox Books and Gifts since 1963, and proud to introduce the Golden Vasilopita Coin as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and tradition. The Golden Vasilopita Coin adds a touch of elegance to the customary New Year's celebration, making the winning slice of Vasilopita even more special and memorable.

What makes the Golden Vasilopita Coin from Patmospress unique is its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Crafted with precision and adorned with traditional Greek Orthodox symbols, as a tangible representation of the warmth and richness of Greek Orthodox heritage. It adds a delightful element to the time-honored practice of hiding a coin in the Vasilopita, symbolizing good luck for the person who discovers it in their slice of the bread or cake.

Greek Orthodox tradition dictates that each Vasilopita will have only one coin, so it begs the question as to what kind of coin would signify that one lucky winner to remember the occasion for their entire lifetime, and Patmos Press firmly believes it deserves the touch of gold as the perfect way to bring that upgrade to this celebration.

This Beautiful Gold Coin with the image of St. Basil The Great was designed by Father George expressly for the purpose of this wonderful occasion.

Each Coin is available in 4 choices, coin by itself, the coin in a round plastic case, also in a square plastic case, or the much sought after gift case, which has the coin embedded in an impressive display and packed in a brilliant presentation case, along with a description and the concise history of "The Vasilopita Story" as well as a Favorite Vasilopita Recipe.

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St Basil Vasilopita Coin

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