(WDHN) — Enterprise mayoral candidates are still explaining why they would be the best for the job.

That’s why all this week, WDHN will talk with each mayoral candidate about his platform if elected. Each night, we’ll feature a different question that the candidates will respond to.

The second question of the series: How would you fix Enterprise’s biggest challenge?

“The biggest challenge facing the city of Enterprise to fix is a strategic plan,” said candidate Bill Baker. “We need to go in and understand the gaps in each one of our divisions. An example would be the police department. We currently have an excess of officers not on duty. That’s a gap. We would identify those gaps in each department and then we would look at the unfunded requirements and put all of those into a package, into an order of merit list and then we would start working that order of merit list.”

“Well first of all, the biggest challenge, as I said before, is that you’ve got to look for funds,” said Mayor William Cooper. “In order to get these funds, you’ve got to have grants. A lot of times these grants, you’re able to move in the right direction. In order to get an aquatics center, it’s going to take about 30 million dollars. It means that we’ve got to get out and we’ve got to seek funds to try to build that aquatics center. As far as those soccer fields, it would also have to be done likewise with grants as well as tax money.”

“I think one of the things that you have to do, any good leader has to surround themselves with quality people that have lots of wisdom,” said candidate Lister Reeves. “I’m not afraid to surround myself with quality smart people that have a lot of wisdom. You surround yourself with those people and then you start tackling the issues that you have before you. One of the things that you have to do is have the ability as the leader, in this case as the mayor, is you have to be able to listen to people, hear what they have to say, and once you have all that input, then you’ve got to make decisions on what is the best going forward so that you can make the right decisions for the city and for the citizens of Enterprise so that they are confident that we have done everything we can with our homework, our research, to put the right people in the places to make the right decisions so that we can move forward.”

“First, we did an evaluation of all the streets in Enterprise,” said candidate Perry Vickers. “They were given a grade from one to 100. Those have been right because when we started paving, we went in wanting to pave by doing the worst first and taking some of the politics out of it. We did some rearranging with some of our finances and paid down on our debt and now we’re in the process of trying to see where we need to start and when we need to start.”