HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The Houston County EMA has given an update on the flood risk for parts of the county, including Gordon and Columbia.

According to a statement from the Corps of Engineers Sunday morning, the Chattahoochee River flow will remain steady until late Sunday afternoon.

The strong current has allowed it to move faster downriver.

More rain was expected north but it has decreased in chances, so the projections of water rising to 110 feet are now much lower.

The river may rise to 100-102 feet throughout the afternoon but quickly recede overnight.  

Public Safety will continue to monitor water levels in both Columbia and Gordon throughout Sunday night.

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HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Houston County’s EMA has given an update on the flood risk in parts of the county. Parts of Gordon and Columbia are at an increased risk.

The Corp of Engineers has run into an issue in the northern region with water levels at the dams, Houston County EMA Director Chris Judah confirmed. They are immediately releasing a massive amount of water.

The river at Columbia and Gordon will begin rising over the next hour with extreme rough currents.  This release will cause an increase in levels of projections to 110 – 112 feet.  This will last throughout this afternoon and the levels will not begin to decrease until tonight late or tomorrow.  

Judah says residents should take immediate action and notation in the Columbia and Gordon areas.

Residents with homes on river banks and just inland may have some localized flooding. For homes more inland in those areas, there may not have any issues until the water gets to 113 feet or over the mark.

All boat landings at Columbia, Ommussee, and Gordon are now closed, and people should remain off the waterways. The currents will be at extreme danger speeds moving towards the dams and spillways.

Public safety has been alerted to assist in warning residents and are on standby for localized bank and inland flooding and to help with water rescues.

For context, water reaches flood stage at 113 feet, however, localized and bank flooding will immediately be an issue, and the Georgia side will experience heavier flooding being at lower levels than Alabama.

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