DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Whether it’s climbing Mount Denali, biking from America’s west to east coast, or a Special Olympics Team from Dothan winning the 2012 volleyball championship, Mike Schmitz wants to honor people that have achieved great feats.

“Every day hardworking ordinary people have done extraordinary things, adventures, but also have changed our community with their effort and commitment to us,” Chairman of Alabama Sports Adventure Hall of Fame, Mike Schmitz said.

It isn’t just performing major athletic feats that can get you inducted into this hall of fame, either.

“We have forever wild, a 400-acre park of hiking and walking trails that was created by one of the people inducted,” Schmitz said. “Who worked for the city. He has forever changed our community in a better way so we are celebrating folks like that.”

To Schmitz, there is nothing better than giving back to the community and showing recognition for those deserving of it.

“It’s my heart,” Schmitz said. “We celebrate NBA, NFL, and all these professionals. How about our neighbors? Let’s celebrate our neighbors.”

He says even though you have other obligations in life, you should always try to explore and get out of that comfort zone because there is no growth in comfort.

“I think we work hard, and have kids and try to make a living, but let’s celebrate life,” Schmitz said. “And whatever that means, let’s do it.”