MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — From the sidelines of Dale County to the sidelines of Troy, one Warrior cheerleader’s next stop is flying for the Trojans.

Dale County’s Olivia Miller has known she wanted to cheer in college for as long as she can remember.

“It’s great,” Miller said, “It’s a dream come true and I’m so excited for this next chapter of my life.”

Monday she signed with Troy University’s cheer team.

“It’s close to home and it feels like a home really,” Miller said. “It’s like a big family there and I’m just really excited.”

Miller will be a flyer for the Trojans, a position she’s held on the Warriors’ varsity team for the last three years.

“I’m extremely proud,” Dale County cheer coach Sydney Edmonds said. “She’s put in a lot of hard work. She started early. She knew she wanted to cheer somewhere and as soon as she told me we started figuring out what we needed to do to get to that level. She’s worked her tail off, so she deserves it.”

Edmonds says since Miller set her mind on cheering in college she hasn’t slowed down.

“There’s something every weekend,” Edmonds said. “She goes to Troy and stunts with people. We had people come here so it’s been pretty busy. Since we figured out that that’s exactly what she wanted to do it’s been pretty consistent and constant.”

Miller tried out and made the Trojans’ coed team, but she’ll be used on both coed and all girl team.

The future Trojan has been cheering since she was six-years-old. Now she’s excited for the added challenge of cheering at the collegiate level.

“The stadium, the people, the fans are going to be huge,” Miller said. “Even cheering will be different. It’s going to be harder. The skill level really went up from high school.”

Edmonds says Miller is an all around great cheerleader, who can fly and tumble, and believes this is only the beginning.

“I think she’ll be even better,” Edmonds said. “I think with her moving up, I think she’ll learn more skills and more technique and she’ll just get even better than she already is.”

Miller credits Edmonds with pushing her to become the best cheerleader that she can be.