HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Black history month begins in February, but we here at WDHN are getting a head start with one farmer who has changed the agriculture industry in the Wiregrass.

Meet the Dozier family, where farmer Jarrod Dozier grew up on a farm in Headland. As a kid, Dozier said his grandfather taught him the principles of living off the land, giving back to your community, and keeping God at the forefront of everything you do.

This allowed him to bring 3D Farms to life — a farming company that provides fresh produce to families.

“To provide for my community, that’s a plus not only my community as well as abroad because it not only benefits 3D Farms, but it benefits the nation. ” Dozier said.

To Dozier’s inlaws, farming was big. It was passed down from older generations.

“This is where it all began for the Kincey family,” his wife LeslieAnn said. “This land has been in my family for at least 100 years. It started with my grandfather, then my father formed it.”

She recalls when it was passed down to her and her siblings after her father died.

“Then me and my siblings we farmed it after my dad died and now me and my husband we’re farming it now and we’re making a go with 3D farms,” LeslieAnn said.

Now older, she understands how to live off the land.

“The older I get I kinda know now, I know when he always tells you you live off the land,” LeslieAnn said. “This is how you live off the land. You know, growing your own stuff, raising your own livestock, this is living off the land.”

He said his livestock is how his family eats.

“I don’t believe in using all those harsh chemicals and all that you can see for yourself,” Dozier said. “This is straight feed no hormones, no nothing, just TLC.”

This is the same TLC that is given every Sunday for the Dozier family dinner where fresh cabbage and greens are always on the menu.

Through his farm, Jarrod has been an advocate for the health and wellness of Black Americans.

He encourages eating healthier to eliminate the number of black people who suffer from health issues because of poor food choices.

“As African-Americans, we suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, but I’m trying to introduce more people to eating broccoli and kale and stuff like that that’s fresh,” Dozier said.

He has fed families all over from Florida to Texas but that isn’t just the only way Dozier made history in headland. He also did it by being the first African-American to win Best Farm Family of the year in henry county.

This was a milestone in Dozier’s farming career. He not only broke racial barriers and stereotypes but also contributed to the prosperity of health in the black community.

He said winning the award allowed him to give back and show future generations of black boys and girls what they can become.

“To be able to receive that but now that let me know that hey now, I was able to achieve that now I can reach back and tell somebody else or the next generation behind me look hey this is what we can accomplish,” Dozier said.

Dozier said this is just them taking a seed God gave them and let it grow.

3D Farms has already been in several food markets and is continuing to grow globally as he and his family continue letting God shine through them and inspire Black Americans.