DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — 50 people of all ages took advantage of this Saturday morning’s weather in Dothan to take part in the African Diaspora Trail.

Each participant walked the two-mile trail at Eastgate Park in Dothan making several stops along the way to learn about and get a better understanding of the African slave trade.

At each stop along the trail, the participants learned about how the slave trade was utilized in different areas of the world from an actor and that it wasn’t just a trans-Atlantic slave trade it was something that was happening around the world.

The actors at each station were members of the theatre program at Dothan Preparatory Academy.

“The African Diaspora Trail is just a great supplement tool to utilize for students to understand what happened during the African slave trade and get a deeper understanding beyond trans-Atlantic, but that it was global as well,” President of Tri-State Expo Juneteenth Affairs, Evangeline Reynolds-Gunn said.

This was the first African Diaspora Trail held by Tri-State Expo Juneteenth Affairs. Reynolds-Gunn said she was happy with the turnout, but is excited to hold this event again next year.