(WDHN) — As 2022 comes to an end, TNT Fireworks company would like to remind everyone to practice firework safety while ringing in the new year.

 TNT Fireworks (TNT), a family-owned company and the nation’s largest distributor of consumer fireworks, is continuing it’s educational campaign to help promote the safe and responsible use of fireworks this holiday season. Through TNT Firework’s Be Safe, Be Legal, and Act Responsibly campaign, the company hopes to help consumers have a safe and enjoyable time while eliminating fire hazards.

  • Be Safe: Be selective when choosing a location to use fireworks. A dry, flat surface such as concrete, dirt, or pavement is the agreed-upon safest place to set off fireworks. Never give fireworks – not even sparklers – to children.
  • Stay Legal: Be aware of local firework laws, and only use fireworks that are legal in your location. Laws and restrictions vary widely by jurisdiction, so check with local authorities before planning your New Year’s fireworks display.
  • Act Responsibly: Be smart and be considerate of your neighbors and pets. Have a sober adult handling your display – and have a hose ready. When the show is over, let your fireworks cool, then soak in a bucket of water overnight before disposing. 

 For more firework safety tips, please visit www.tntfireworks.com/safety.