ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The state of Alabama sees an average of 534 babies die to stillbirth every year, while some of those deaths are due to unexplained circumstances, others could’ve been prevented.

The Alabama Department of Public Health is teaming up with Count the Kicks, an app that tracks the movement of a child in the third trimester of pregnancy.

“The mother will download it for free, and whenever she puts in her information she’s going to have a time, it will have a timer, and she’s going to hit the little foot when she feels a movement,” ADPH Southeastern District Maternal and Child Health Coordinator, Crystalee Walters said. “It will start collecting that data and collect a graph. If the mother notices that the fetal movement is off, it’s not as strong, or it has slowed down she knows to contact the OBGYN.”

According to the Alabama Center for Health Statistics, one out of every 113 pregnancies ends in stillbirth in the state. By providing this app to expecting mothers, almost 200 stillbirths can be prevented.

The original cost of this program is around $1,800 for the state to have access to, but this partnership with the Alabama Department of Public Health and Count the Kicks is free to all Alabamians to download.

“Alabama Department of Public Health noticed the high statistics of stillbirth rates, and so they did provide a way to make sure all Alabamians can get it for free,” Walters said.

When the state of Iowa started providing the Count the Kicks program, the state’s stillbirth rate dropped almost 32% in the first ten years of the campaign, and Alabama is hoping to see the same promising results.