As of this report, all schools in Alabama are closed due to coronavirus concerns.

An education task force met Thursday to make a recommendation to the governor.

Some of the items the task force looked at are: when can school re-open and learning options for students while at home.

“The days that schools being closed during this three-week period will not have to be made up,” said Dr. Eric Mackey, state school superintendent. “We have determined that so we’re not going to extend the school year because of this.”

The recommendations are expected to be released by March 30.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) — Many schools around the state have already closed their doors so state school superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey has put together an education task force to consider whether or not to keep Alabama public schools closed past April 6.

The task force will also look at how students can continue education at home.

Right now the state doesn’t have a virtual learning method, but many local districts do.

“It’s really important during this time that parents need to make sure their students are still engaged in learning,” Mackey said. “That may mean reading some library books. It may mean doing some things online. There’s a lot of opportunities out there.”

The task force will have it’s meeting Thursday. It won’t be open to the public.