HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Many students in the Wiregrass are set to return to the classroom this week, but with COVID-19 cases reaching an all-time high, what will COVID-19 protocols look like in schools?

Dothan City Schools released a statement on Monday afternoon and said masks will continue to be strongly encouraged inside all DCS facilities and campuses. Masks will also continue to be required on all DCS transportation.

Dothan City Schools COVID-19 Protocol Reminder and Update

Dothan City Schools will strongly encourage masks be worn indoors by all not fully vaccinated individuals. Dothan City Schools will require masks while on school buses per Federal Department of Transportation regulations. Dothan City Schools will implement the following layered protections for students and staff: cleaning guidelines as established by the CDC, promoting handwashing and respiratory etiquette, and the quarantining of infected and exposed individuals. As a reminder, Dothan City Schools also provides upgraded HVAC systems/Air Purifiers for large capacity areas, including the infusion of fresh air, bipolar ionization of existing air, and UV filtering. Dothan City Schools remains committed to providing our staff and students with the safest environment possible. More information regarding our health and safety protocols for COVID-19 may be found at

Meagan Dorsey, Public Relations and Information Officer for Dothan City Schools

On top of Dothan City School, Ozark City Schools, Houston, Coffee, and Geneva County Schools all have said going forward these will be their COVID-19 procedures.

Houston County School Superintendent, Brandy White tells WDHN in addition to these protocols, the districts will follow new isolation and quarantine guidelines set by the CDC.

Of course, if officials see a need, White said, these protocols in the school districts can be updated to keep students and staff as safe as possible.