DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Across the state of Alabama COVID-19 positivity rates continue to stay at e at a record high, one county in the Wiregrass is one of the highest in the state.

According to Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Department of Public Health, Dale County is number four for the highest COVID positivity rate in the whole state of Alabama.

According to Landers being number four on the list for the highest positivity rate in the state, is nothing to be proud of. She said the more positive cases the state reports the further we get to returning to normal.

What we are trying to get people to understand when you have a lot of cases positive in your county in your city,” Landers said. “You gotta keep in, people just don’t stay in one county or one city, then that means the risk of you getting COVID is that much greater.

Landers says people need to look around and realize COVID is happening all around them and they can see the signs. She said when the state reports a total of four to five thousand COVID cases a day and has over 2,500 patients in the hospital. Those are indications that COVID is around and the disease is winning.

“In southeast Alabama again we had to bring in federal assets to support the health care system and there is a great health care system in southeast Alabama,” Landers said. “But again, they had to have federal assets to help in their system and a huge amount of strain that continues to be put on these health care workers.”

Landers wants people not to think of COVID cases as not just being a number but rather being a parent, uncle, cousin, or sibling. She said when people put a face to COVID it helps encourage people to take the pandemic seriously.

“We as Alabamians have right in the palm of our hands, right before us a way to get us out of this pandemic and to restore our health care system to its normal day-to-day operation.”

Doctor Landers tells WDHN, she is sure people are tired of hearing to get vaccinated or wear their masks but she says these are the only two ways to reduce these numbers are bring us out of the pandemic.