DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning unvaccinated people not to travel during the Labor Day weekend.

Southeast Health Chief Medical Officer, George Narby, said both vaccinated and unvaccinated people need to be very cautious this upcoming weekend.

Narby said every holiday that has passed during this pandemic has shown a spike of positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. He said this upcoming three-day weekend will be no different.

“We have seen in the past when those things happen,” Narby said. “Whether it is the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year’s. Those gatherings present an opportunity for the virus to spread.”

The CDC said unvaccinated people should not travel this weekend, advising the unvaccinated to consider the risk of developing COVID when they make Labor Day plans.

Narby said if you do plan on gathering, do it outside rather than inside, where the risk of spreading the virus is reduced. If you are indoors and vaccinated or not, wear a mask. Narby said staying inside is the best defense.

“The concern is additional cases can put further strain on the resources and health care resources here in the Wiregrass,” Narby said.

Dr. Narby tells WDHN News, it’s one team, one fight and it’s going to take everybody in the community, from medical professionals to everyday people like you and me, to finally defeat the coronavirus.

He said the time to get vaccinated isn’t today or tomorrow, the time is now. Narby said right now there are a lot of people already in the hospital as we head into this weekend. And his fear is this number will just increase, and put more of a strain on a dire situation.

“When we get together as families, it is an opportunity for us to think about getting vaccinated and going together as a group and getting vaccinated against COVID,” Narby said.