DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — If you have been given a very serious diagnosis you would go out and get a second opinion, right?

According to Chief Medical Officer at Southeast Health Dr. George Narby the people who are advised not to get the COVID-19 vaccine should get a second opinion.

Dr. Narby said possible allergic reactions are the only medical condition that should keep someone from getting their vaccine. He also said people should only be advised not to get the shot when getting the vaccine presents a greater health risk than running the risk of getting COVID itself.

“If you have a concern about receiving a vaccination, please talk to your doctor about your concern and even consider a second opinion if your doctor says you should not get the vaccine.” Dr. Narby said.

According to Dr. Narby, he has advised other doctors at Southeast Health are recommending COVID vaccination universally. Southeast Health encourages anyone who is needing a vaccine to stop by its hospital since they have plenty of vaccines available and ready to give out.