PRATTVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — One Prattville couple decided to poke some fun at the COVID-19, which threatened their wedding plans in March.

Kelsey Bowles and her new husband Taylor Bowles planned to get married at the Barn at Twin Valley on March 21 in front of a crowd of 250 people, but with the pandemic getting worse in the United States, things changed.

“The Saturday before (I think) is when the CDC said that there can be no more than 50 people at one time,” Kelsey said. “The Barn told me they have to go by what the CDC says, which we totally understood. So we spent the next few days cutting our list from 250 to 50 and contacting those that were a part of the 50 letting them know.”

However, the CDC then put out a new guideline saying that no more than 25 people should gather and no one over 65 should be together. Since the Barn would have followed that guideline, this meant the couple’s grandparents couldn’t come.

“I called up my pastor and asked if he could just marry us the next day at the church,” Kelsey said. “He said yes, but they had to follow the 25 person rule but not the over 65 rule, which meant our grandparents could come.”

The couple then got married a day early on March 20 with their immediate family, the husband’s grandparents, and his aunt.

However, Kelsey’s father decided to try something out to sort of commemorate the occasion.

“My dad brought the masks and thought it would be funny to take pictures of us in the masks since we wouldn’t be in this situation without the coronavirus, so we made a joke out of it hoping that others would find it funny,” she said.

They did, of course, take mask-free photos to celebrate their new marriage in a more serious manner.

Kelsey said that once this is all over, she plans to have the reception as it was meant to be: at the Barn with all 250 guests she had wanted to attend.