WIREGRASS (WDHN) — Local doctors are urging vaccinations ahead of the holiday season as flu cases among others are on the rise.

Local doctor offices in Dothan like the Southern Clinic have seen many patients coming in with flu symptoms.

They are seeing two types of flu — flu A and flu B — both common versions are contagious but type A tends to make you more sick.

Out of eight physicians and nine nurse practitioners — they are testing about five patients for flu and about three of those patients are coming back with positive symptoms.

At Southeast Health, there are currently two flu patients and five COVID patients.

He says another illness on the rise is RSV which is starting to run its course in adults.

The Enterprise Pediatric Clinic and its offices have tested 144 patients for RSV and 77 came back confirmed. Out of 714 tests, 191 tested positive for flu and both are steadily increasing.

“We are seeing more severe illnesses, especially in the elderly so if you are spending time with family like small children or grandparents and they have respiratory symptoms try to take care of you and your family and keep everyone safe,” says Doctor Buddy Stokes.