FORT NOVOSEL, Alabama (WDHN) — A Safety Investigation Team from Fort Novosel has finally gotten to work investigating the deadly Apache crash that killed three aviators and injured a fourth near Healy Alaska.

According to Fort Novosel officials, the investigation team arrived in a remote area near Healy, 200 miles north of Anchorage, on Saturday, but the team could not get to work due to severe weather keeping them from getting to the crash sight safely.

Officials say the weather cleared Sunday night and the team began assessing the damage Monday morning. Details of the investigation are not public at this time and it is unknown how long the investigation will last.

According to the Associated Press, the Army ordered a 24-hour stand-down for safety training after the Alaska crash. This is the third deadly helicopter crash within the past four months.

The 24-hour stand-down training was to take place for Army aviators sometime between May 1 and 5.

Soldiers at Fort Novosel participated in the stand-down safety training on Monday, May 1 and aviators were back in the air Tuesday morning, officials say.