HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s not every day that someone gets to celebrate their 101st birthday, but today Ethelene Warren had that chance.

Azalea Court Assisted Living in Headland wanted to celebrate her 100th birthday last year, but Ethelene said no to that offer, so when the celebration for her 101st birthday came around she took them up on their offer.

“Well actually, it’s just another birthday for me because birthdays have never really been celebrated in my family,” Ethelene Warren said.

The staff at Azalea Court Assisted Living were able to give the woman of the hour the floor and she didn’t disappoint.

“It got quieter and quieter and I wanted to stand up and say ‘now all who cannot talk you can be excused,'” Warren said.

Ethelene says she grew up on a farm but was blessed with the ability to go to school and college for a couple of years in her lifetime, but then world war two happened, where everyone got involved.

“We all got involved in that and all of the people here survived. Anyway, the world didn’t come apart,” Warren said.

When asked by her friends and family what the secret is to living 101 years is, well, Ethelene she has only found one true answer.

“A relationship and it’s not a secret. A relationship with the one who made you in the first place,” Warren said.

Ethelene ended the celebration by giving a little advice to those with less life experience than her.

“When you get old, you then remember all the things of your youth,” Warren said. “What you didn’t do, that you should have, and what you did, but you wish you didn’t.”