DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Blogger Tammy Clayton’s cameras are rolling Sunday, after a 12-year-old boy shoots himself in the chest.

He’d been playing with other kids outside a home near downtown, on South Ussery Street near east Lafayette Street.

His mom is still in shock.

“The bullet also passed his spinal cord, it didn’t hit, but close enough for some kind of trauma has happened,” Anturi’s Mother, Chemicka Polite said. “There is no surgery they can do for it. So at this point Anturi will not walk.”

Anturi Polite is currently at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham the bullet passed through his chest, hit part of his lung.

Then went out of his back. He is currently on a ventilator and intubated, which should allow the lung to heal, avoiding surgery on his lung.

His mother tells WDHN she found out about this shooting from a Facebook live video, where she had to ask the person hosting the live session to identify whether it was her son who was hurt, but she still doesn’t know what was happening and how he shot himself.

Just that he was playing with the other children when the shooting happened.

“Anyone letting me know how this happened to my 12-year old son. He is a minor, someone should have contacted me already,” Polite said.

Chemicka and the family have put up a GoFundMe for Anturi as they don’t know how long Anturi will be in the hospital.

“My son is not going to walk right now. I dont know even how to process that or prepare for that,” Polite said.

Dothan police say that this is still an active investigation.

Chemicka is hoping to learn more about what happened and hoping her son will somehow be able to walk again.