DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Three-year-old Jakobe was playing in his yard Sunday afternoon, as he often does after church, when someone in a black Honda drove by and started shooting.

Jakobe was hit twice. One bullet went straight through his arm. The other lodged itself into his stomach.

“I hear my nephew crying and my heart just dropped and I seen him and I seen blood and I lost my mind for a moment,” Jakobe’s Aunt Ty’Tianna Mcgriff said.

Mcgriff was inside at the time, but with so many shootings in the area lately, she didn’t think it could have been her nephew.

“This happened last weekend, so it didn’t alarm me immediately, but then something just told me that I needed to get up and go,” Mcgriff said.

A police officer rushed Jakobe to a hospital and he was later flown to Birmingham. Doctors performed emergency surgery, removing part of his intestines where the bullet had pierced his stomach.

He is now in recovery and his condition is stable. In light of this shooting Mcgriff is calling on the community to come together to help fight against the violence Dothan continues to see.

“I think it’s going to take some brave people to be able to speak up,”Mcgriff said. “And it’s just going to take courage, somebody’s going to have to speak up. We’re going to have to come together as a community to find out what the problem is. There’s been so much going on with shootings and gun violence I would really like to see a change.”

The family tells us that little Jakobe is really traumatized by all of this and they think the road to recovery is going to be long and hard both mentally and physically.