HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Knology Total Communications is asking for $5 million to bring more than 3,000 homes fiber optics which will bring faster broadband and will focus on the rural areas in Houston County.

Fiber optics are already beginning to be installed throughout Houston County and soon thousands of homes could see fiber optics cable coming to their neck of the woods.

Pictured is the map of the area that WOW is trying to bring fiber optics too

“Broadband that is right outside the city limits either has no service or only has three to ten megs of internet, which basically in today’s world with streaming and everything going to broadband,” WOW-Dothan Operations Manager, John Parkhurst said. “It doesn’t suffice except for maybe to check your email and have one device on at a time.”

Parkhurst says that the $5 million from an Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs grant could help nearly 3,000 homes. During their commission meeting on Monday, commissioners gave the green light for the company to move forward with its application.

Commissioners say there is money at both the state and federal levels to assist companies in expanding broadband, which is why they haven’t put too many county funds into broadband. Want to see companies like WOW, do exactly what they are doing.

“We can see a great benefit that this is going to have if we can support this through our commission,” Houston County District 2 Commissioner, Doug Sinquefield said.

Houston County Commission, in the letter written to Knology Total Communication, talks about how vital this broadband would be for economic development, agriculture, education, healthcare, and workforce retention, as they want to connect Houston County.

“We know today everybody operates off of communications and so bringing that in, where everybody can be attached and connected to this,” Sinquefield said. “It’s going to make a lot of difference for so many people.”

This is the first time that WOW has used or applied for this type of funding from ADECA, but believe they can make a huge impact if they are given that opportunity.

“It just goes a long way,” Parkhurst said. “Everybody working together is really a testament to what’s gonna happen for our people in the community.”

Knology Total Communications will now wait for approval from ADECA, and if it is approved, they will then start installing the fiber cables and connect more of Houston County.