DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and a new study shows the coronavirus has killed five million people worldwide.

According to Dr. Don Williamson, the President of the Alabama Hospital Association, at the beginning of the pandemic, medical experts were trying to figure out everything they could to save the lives of those stricken with COVID-19.

Now, almost two years into the situation those experts have the silver bullet to prevent every single death caused by the virus, but some people are just unwilling to get vaccinated.

Williamson said you can divide the deaths in the U.S. into two groups. Those that occurred before we knew information regarding the virus and the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine and then the group of people who just won’t get vaccinated.

“We have the advantage of being responsible for most of the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals development in the world,” Dr. Williamson said. “We were blessed in this county to be able to produce vaccines in, literally record time, monoclonal antibodies or therapy. We have all the tools to bring this under control.”

According to a study done by John Hopkins University global deaths have surpassed 5 million people

In Alabama, that tragic number has claimed 15,573 lives.

In Houston County, 412 deaths are attributed to the virus. Geneva County has reported 127 COVID-19 deaths. Coffee County has a total of 193 COVID-19 deaths. Dale County has a total of 187 coronavirus deaths, and Henry County has a total of 66 COVID-19 deaths.

“We could make it the disease that okay we see it occasionally, we have 100 cases a day, we have 50 people in the hospital, we can do that in Alabama,” Dr. Williamson said. “We can do something similar throughout the country and we can make it just like any other disease that people have.”

Williamson and medical experts agree the ideal situation is to eliminate coronavirus but their new goal is just getting the disease to a place where it stops killing.

“The answer is far too many Americans have died, we need to do something to make those deaths stop,” Dr. Williamson said.

Dr. Williamson stresses every one of these COVID-related deaths could be 100 percent preventable, he encourages everyone to go out and get vaccinated so these preventable deaths can stop occurring.