DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Police are searching for the person who is responsible for killing a 21-year-old at an apartment complex in Dothan.

They already have one in custody and are searching for another who allegedly shot at the 21-year-old the night before.

Pictured here is Alfonso Morrissette during his time in Daleville City schools.

“Alfonso was like a very outgoing kid,” Childhood friend, Jacorey Fairley said. “He was always smiling. He always had shoes too. The shoe fanatic. I learned everything I know about shoes from Alfonso.”

Morrissette moved from Daleville City Schools in the ninth grade, as his mom was in the military, but Morrissette will always hold a special place in his friend’s heart

“So I really didn’t see him that much growing up,” Fairley said.
We always got like a real good bond because that’s like my brother.”

Morrissette was shot in the upper torso at the Alexander Court Apartment Complex in Dothan Thursday night.

Then he was taken to Southeast Health but died during surgery.

According to police, this was not the first time Morrissette was shot this week.

The person who shot Morrissette remains on the loose.

On Wednesday night, Morrissette was allegedly shot at on Alexander Drive by Zyshawn Coker and Keith Helms.

Keith Helms

He wasn’t hit, but the stray gunfire hit homes and vehicles in the apartment complex.

Police arrested Coker.

Zyshawn Coker

He has been charged with attempted murder and multiple counts for shooting at the buildings and vehicles.

Helms remains on the run and will face the same charges.

At this time, neither coker nor helms have been named suspects in the murder of Alfonso Morrissette.

The case remains under investigation.

If you have any information on the death of Alfonso Morrissette or the whereabouts of Keith Helms you are asked to call the Dothan Police Department at (334) 615-3000.