A massive street and roadway repaving project taking place in Slocomb


SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Since the beginning of October, nearly a dozen streets and roads have been repaved in an eastern Geneva County city.

Tony Mobley, Sr., and his daughter, Rashaunda Craig, have recently had their Slocomb street repaved.

This month, the city has spent more than 900-thousand dollars repaving roads and streets. It’s the first major road project in the city since 1971. Homeowners are excited about the infrastructure improvements.

“It’s a big difference, a lot of changes it looks like Slocomb is coming up now,” Mobley said. “New roads, new laws, but it makes a difference.”

“Well since I’ve been here they’ve put some gravel down, just recently put that blacktop on it, and it’s really nice,” Slocomb resident, Louise Batchelor said.

Slocomb Mayor Rob Hinson says $250,000 of the project is coming from the Alabama Rebuild Act. That’s the additional revenue generated from the increase in the state fuel tax in 2019.

Hinson says this is something all the citizens utilize and appreciate. I hope they appreciate it so I’m really proud that the project is nearly complete.

The Mayor adds several Dothan residents are looking for more land so they are moving westward into eastern Geneva County. With this repaving, he says it’s only helping with the overall raising of property values.

“That shows in census numbers, our sales tax amounts in our business community, we are growing in our rates, good things are coming,” Mayor Hinson said.

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