It started in North Alabama as part of the Limestone County school system; it is called Alabama Connections Academy.
It is a public school that can educate students online; while allowing them to enjoy their independence. 
ALCA provides students with certified teachers, engaging electives, technology tools, and award winning educational programs.
Marketing Program Manager, Alan C. Chapman says, “We evaluate that we set some standards or we set some goals based on their past we like to keep the strengths really strong and we like to improve on their weaknesses.”
If you’re worried that your child will not have success with this program think again teachers can provide one on one interaction; or provide students to discuss a subject together. 
The school offers classes for grades K-12 , and students who go through this program have also gone on to attend two and four year colleges. 
If you’re interested in the Alabama Connection Academy log on to their page
You can also contact Marketing Program Manager Alan C. Chapman via e-mail