GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—This Christmas night marks the second anniversary of the “tragic”, single-vehicle accident that claimed the
lives of three geneva high school students.

Addyson Martin, Cassidy Dunn, and Emilee Fain were killed when their vehicle left Westville Avenue and crashed into a
heavily “wooded” area. Shortly after the tragedy, that section of roadway that crossed the Geneva levee was “closed”
to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

This month, the street was “renamed” in their honor. “A.C.E. Memorial Hill” stands for the initials of the girls’ first names.

“Retired,” Geneva Police Chief Tony Clemmons and Sheriff Tony Helms say the tragedy remains “engrained” on the minds of
Geneva residents.

Recently, the family and friends gathered at the crash site to remember the girls and the memories they have of Addyson, Cassidy, and Emilee.