Students, eager to learn, work together to assemble the aircraft delivered by the Alabama Aviation College to the Houston County Schools Career Academy Tuesday morning.

“Taking it off the trailer and all of us putting it together is great,” said student Johnathan McCray.

The aircraft provided is a Cessna 150, a light, general airplane typical to any small airport.

Dual enrollment students who enroll in the courses will both assemble the aircraft and repair
it to running condition as part of their coursework.

“Some courses have only one aircraft for all 400 students. Here I have one aircraft for a class of 20 that rotates through the day,” said instructor James Stockton.

“They will be doing weight and balance. They will be doing control surface movement. A lot of aspects of this aircraft will be used to support the training that we offer,” said AAC’s Jay Harbert.


Students look forward to the first-hand experience they will be receiving.

“I mean it’s just exciting seeing all the things I’ve never seen before like actually working hands on besides being in the classroom all the time. It just helps me out because I’m more of a hands on person,” said student Cameron Stringer.

With opportunities as this, it opens the door for students to growing aviation opportunities throughout the Wiregrass or even the world.

“They would actually work in places like Ft. Rucker on the helicopters, Commercial Jet here in Dothan,” said Harbert.

The academy hopes the aircraft along with the program will better equip students for the future.

“These are exact same classes that they would be taking as a college student so in the long run, what they are doing is getting way ahead of their peers by taking these courses while they’re still in high school,” said Harbert.

“This is a great opportunity for our students, we really appreciate the Aviation College donating it to us,” said Houston County Schools Superintendent David Sewell.