DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —18% of Alabama households do not have an internet subscription of any kind, and almost 12% of Alabama residents live in an area where there is no broadband infrastructure.

They are seeing these Wi-Fi connections and broadband issues in rural areas, rather than big cities because cities have an infrastructure that support the broadband.

The Wiregrass has a lot of residents that live in a rural areas and are seeing these same internet and broadband issues.

“I cant like use my iPhone,” Wiregrass Resident, Gail Neiswanger said. “I can’t use it here with that internet even being on the Wi-Fi.”

“Then all of a sudden it will just stop for no reason.” Owner of EQB View LLC Dave Cooper said. “I know that there is complete disconnection, I can get the data from my service provider, or Wi-Fi data, or connection status.”

WDHN also took to Facebook to see if their were other residents in the Wiregrass who experience frequent Wi-Fi, bandwidth, or broadband problems.

As of 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, 93 people have commented and a majority of those households have seen problems either having to do with their provider, or with where they are located.

When people lose internet connection they can also lose the ability to do work-related assignments, or it could withhold them from doing school work.

“When it’s out it can really affect my business,” Cooper said.

“My grandchildren, they’re doing some schooling online and so to me that would be advantageous to with the schooling issue,” Neiswanger said.

ADECA will continue to work on digital expansion as they are trying to bring high-speed internet not to state but also bolster Alabama’s economy.

It’s a 5-year plan that will hopefully bring Wi-Fi to all 4 corners of Alabama.