ADPH discusses STD cases on the rise


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Although COVID-19 cases may be diminishing across the nation due to vaccinations, sexually transmitted diseases are seeing a spike as they have reached a new peak according to the CDC.

“Yeah, we have in certain groups you’ll see different diseases that will go up and down throughout the course overall alabama is seeing more stds probably for several factors with the pandemic,” ADPH Southeastern District Administrator Corey Kirkland said.

Per the CDC, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and syphilis are the most common types of STDs contributing to the spike, and Alabama is ranked within the top 20 for those diseases. In Houston county, Corey Kirkland with the ADPH says there has been a substantial increase in a mixture of STDs.

“Syphilis has probably been the one we have seen the most significant jump in recently but again it is controllable and can be treated whether it’s early or in later stage, we have seen statewide though we have seen it more in cases with pregnant women and even newborn babies and that’s certainly concerning to us,” He said.

And if not treated properly the disease can affect the nervous system, damage organs, and could even cause death. Kirkland says it’s important to be educated about the diseases and the long-term effects they could cause but most importantly it starts with you making efforts to prevent diseases.

“Number one outside of an anomalous relationship is being abstinent just not having multiple partners, if you do have multiple partners and you’re active of course getting tested and being tested very often is very important,” He said.

If you are looking for testing, you can visit or call the Houston County Health Department and schedule an appointment free of charge.

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