DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Tom Haney competed in a volleyball tournament for Encompass Health in May, and not even a month later, he was hospitalized and the journey of recovery began.

Haney wasn’t feeling well in June and so he went to the emergency room with his wife.

“So we started this journey about a month ago, Tom wasn’t feeling well, so since he wasn’t feeling well went to the emergency room,” Tom’s wife, Casey Haney said. “That’s when they discovered that he had this aneurysm.”

When they arrived they learned that Haney had suffered an aneurysm in his leg, so then he went to a hospital in Pensacola to have the surgery done.

Haney worked with physical therapists for a month, where it started slow, but then Haney began to set goals for himself to do things independently.

“He was one of those that he was always up and ready to go early in the morning,” Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Stroke Team leader at Encompass Health, Phillip Fowler said. “Very gung-ho about getting independent so he can get home because he knows what he has at home.”

On Friday, Haney finally got that chance to go home to hang out with his family for the first time in a month.

“The timeframe, it has been a month since this all has transpired,” Tom Haney said. “I haven’t been home in a month.”

During the first half of his recovery, Casey Haney says they weren’t sure what changes they were possibly going to have to make and now she says he is going back better than when they started in the emergency room a month ago.

“It’s a job well done the thing of that is seeing that patients face when they realize what they have had to overcome to get to where they are now,” Encompass Health Certified Senior Occupational Therapist Assistant, Cynthia Johnson Cooper said.

Haney is now home and with his family, and his wife says the kids couldn’t wait to see their dad.

“Oh they’re excited, we are both excited, but I think they are more excited than we are,” Casey Haney said.

The Haney’s thank their physical therapists for getting tom back on his feet and is now independent after only a month of recovery.