ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Fall has arrived but if you suffer from seasonal allergies, the change of season can be discomforting.

Dr. Scott Charlton, an ENT specialist in Enterprise has begun seeing an uptick in patients.

“We love this time of the year it was 70 outside but we start getting the tail end of the spring allergy seasons running into our fall allergy seasons,” Dr. Charlton said.

During this time of the year, ragweed is the most common allergen.

The biggest allergen Dr. Charlton sees patients suffering from is mold which comes from the ground being turned over to harvest peanuts especially when it’s dry.

“Some of the symptoms we see with itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sinus drainage in the back of the throat,” Dr. Charlton said. “Sometimes you can get itchy skin rashes, throat, and ears.”

Dr. Charlton said there are medications you can get over the counter like antihistamine and if it’s too severe, there’s a prescribed nasal spray that reduces inflammation quickly.

Overall, Charlton says the best thing to do is to get an allergy shot which his office is administering.

Although allergies are all year round, he says before November is usually the peak of allergy season.

“I tend to think the peanut festival is the end of the season because the peanuts are pulled up and then we have a short six 8 weeks before we get into the spring season,” He said.

If you would like to get an allergy shot, contact your primary doctor.