DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In a normal year, gas prices typically are higher in the summer months but as we move into the holiday season those prices begin to decline. This year that trend does not to seem to be the case.

Alabama hit a seven year high for regular unleaded gas here, numbers we haven’t seen since 2014.

“Our prices went up after we got past the summer travel season and as recently as a couple weeks ago our state average was $ 3.21 when it was noticeable less than that in the summer,” AAA Spokesperson Clay Ingram said.

Alabama’s summer prices averaged around $2.65 a gallon, and as of right now the state is seeing a $3.16 per gallon average.

Here in Dothan, a gallon of gas is averaging $3.19 where as last year we were seeing prices as low as $1.88 per gallon.

With Thanksgiving days away, people are ready to hit the road, and that increase doesn’t seem to stop travel.

Brenda Kelly says her Thanksgiving plans will not be affected by the gas price and they could be worse.

“I compare our prices in the USA with over seas, and there is one place that it’s $12 a gallon,” Kelly said. “So I consider us lucky here.”

President Biden just released 50 million emergency oil reserves to fight high energy prices going into the holidays, that could lower gas prices.

According Gas Buddy, the top 3 gas stations with the cheapest gas in Dothan are Sam’s Club which is sitting at $2.96 per gallon, Murphy USA and Walmart on West Main at $2.97 a gallon.