Alabama lawmakers are reacting and expressing their condolences for the 21 victims and their families who lost their lives in a massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

“Just can’t imagine the pain that these parents are going through and these families, it’s evil and that’s what concerns us from one tragedy to another,” Sen. Donnie Chesteen said.

This tragedy marked the deadliest school shooting at a u.S grade school since a gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut a decade ago.

Senator Donnie Chesteen said with gun violence on school campuses happening more often, and the Robb Elementary gunman walking through an unlocked door, the legislature and education department has provided $41 million dollars to schools for technology for school security.

“I can’t imagine schools not making it as tight as they can to get in their school and I think we need to arm these Schools’ Resource Officers as well,” Sen. Chesteen said.

With another school shooting added to the list, the debate on gun control has come up for lawmakers across the nation. For some Alabama lawmakers, like Sen. Chesteen, he doesn’t believe it will prevent mass shootings.

“Cannot prevent bad people from doing bad things that’s just the way I see it I think it gets back to people with mental health issues,” Sen. Chesteen said.

And with the gunman posting on social media just hours before heading to the school, he believes faster action should take place on red flags to hopefully prevent this from happening.

Sen. Chesteen said he’s not completely sure if the mental health component will prevent school shootings altogether. The issue could come up in the next legislative session but the primary focus is on making sure schools are secured and mental health issues are addressed.