Ala. (WDHN) —Barry Moore and Phyllis Harvey-Hall are both in the running to replace Representative Martha Roby as the Second Congressional District Representative. While both candidates have been busy across the campaign trail, they met with WDHN to talk about their plans, as the election draws closer.

“Right now, I’m just trying to let everybody know it was a crowded primary, and a difficult runoff but we all as republicans want to bring the team together and we want to have everyone on our team and even with that said we are going to represent the entire district if elected,” said Republican Congressional Candidate, Barry Moore.

“As we move forward, we’ve been actually following the same strategy which is getting out talking to the people, meeting people in their everyday lives because our campaign has been focused on people,” said Democratic Congressional Candidate, Phyllis Harvey-Hall.

The candidates understand their differences and shared why they stand out.

“I think that my opponent has focused more on supporting someone, in the office, the president of the united states, and I’m someone who says they believe in bipartisan leadership, and I’ve said since day one if the president of the united states is actually going to support issues and policies that benefit the people in district two, I’m going to support that policy regardless to that person’s party affiliation,” said Harvey-Hall. “We’ve been people over party since the day we got started.”

“My conservative values, I’m a veteran, I’ll be the only veteran from Alabama in the delegation, and so it’s good because of the number of veterans that we have throughout Alabama, I think it’s important that they have a voice in the process,” said Moore. “Another thing is I’m a small business owner a conservative, and you know honestly have served two terms in the Alabama house, I think my voting record I have is pretty clear.”

With less than a month until election day, both candidates would like the voters to know these few things.

“With the president needing the help right now I see a troubling time ahead for our nation if we don’t get leadership that really do care about the American people, and protect what we understand is the greatness of this nation, and you know the reason I want to go serve is to have the populus the everyday working people to have a voice in the process and that hasn’t always been the case, and the system is certainly broken and I hope that I can be one small piece of the puzzle to fix it,” said Moore.

“It’s time for us to stop just saying vote for someone because he or she is a republican, stop saying you just vote only because he or she is a democrat,” said Harvey-Hall. “We’ve had that today while I’ve been out here, and I had to stop someone. she said ‘well I vote republican’, and I said I’m a person, that party affiliation is secondary and I said I think if we talk, we have more in common, and she stopped and we took a picture together. And she said I’m going to post this because we got started talking issues…Issues, not party.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 3rd.