(WDHN) — Kendra McKinney has been an Alabama State Trooper for two years and she’s been called to a lot of devastating scenes.

One of those — pedestrian accidents — just last year Alabama saw 796 accidents and 125 fatalities — the highest she has ever seen.

Although it’s her job, it takes a personal toll on her emotions.

“It’s very saddened to be made aware of all the pedestrian accidents and fatalities that have occurred just last year and my heart goes out to the families and victims of such a tragic situation,” Trooper Kendra Mckinney said.

The reason why these accidents happen may be simple, the lack of awareness of drivers due to texting, changing the radio or forgetting the move over law and pedestrians not wearing bright clothing or knowing where to walk.

Now, ALEA is making both parties aware by launching another campaign – everyone is a pedestrian.

Out of a number of measures, it states pedestrians should try to walk in well-lit areas.

Last year, a pedestrian was killed on Ross Clark Circle in an area that many residents believe could see some improvements.

“It’s like the saying goes it’s better to need it and not have it than not have it and needed but if more lights and walkways can help reduce the number of crashes and fatalities than by all means,” Mckinney said.