DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Quick thinking by a crew from Pilcher’s Ambulance saved a homeowner from an inferno and his inevitable death. 

On their way to a medical call for Pilcher’s Ambulance Service crew, Shanda Sanders and Michael Mixon unexpectedly took measures to save another life.

“We saw smoke actually, a whole lot of smoke, so we ended up stopping,” Shanda Sanders said. “I noticed the door was locked from the inside, so I started walking around knocking on the windows, and I went around the left side, and that’s when I saw the flames.”

At the scene, Sanders said she could hear a television inside the home. She and her partner guided firefighters to where they thought a person may be inside. 

“Shanda, she had saw where the fire had breached the house on the back corner,” Michael Mixon said. “Called into the fire department, told the fire department where the T.V. was at when they got there, they went right in the front door and found the occupant in there.”

The timing of the crew was pivotal in saving the man’s life as the inhalation alone could have eventually killed him.

“I’m glad that we were able to go to fight the fire to hurry up and get in there,” Sanders said. “I don’t know how long he would have made it to be honest.”

“I’ve been a firefighter 31 years, and I’ve always preached to all my guys every day about situational awareness,” Mixon said. “The smoke was something that’s not supposed to be there, and that made me aware, practice what I preach.”

Both Sanders and Mixon said that being able to help people every day means a lot to them and that having a good working relationship is important because you have to be able to trust the people you work with.