OPP, Ala. (WDHN) — On Tuesday, Alabamians will vote on one of the 10 constitutional amendments for 2022.

The first one can be seen on the right-hand side of the ballot – it’s a proposed amendment sponsored by Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter to provide more funding for state parks and public historical sites.

“90 percent of our funding comes from people that come out here whatever they spend for a campsite or day use for the lake,” said Jesse Patterson, the park manager at Frank Jackson State Park.

But if this amendment is approved by Alabama voters, the state would have permission to borrow up to $85 million dollars for improvements and maintenance projects.

“It doesn’t just help the parks themselves it helps the surrounding communities and the people coming into them,” Jackson said.

Frank Jackson State Park in Opp is one of the 21 state parks in Alabama — only two of them are in the Wiregrass.

Patterson said his park has the hometown feel — it has old signage that needs to be replaced and although the park draws a great crowd on most days the amount of space is limited especially for the campers.

He has a list of upgrades that will be a park experience game changer if this amendment is approved.

“Put in a few extra sites, make a little more room and get more people out here,” He said. “We’re looking at our bathhouses maybe modernizing the air conditioners in them and adding a playground in the campsite.

Patterson believes they can start on those projects immediately if the funding is approved.

With the state being supportive of state parks in the past, Patterson believes Alabama will decide in favor of the amendment.