Animal rescuer killed saving animals in Daleville house fire


DALEVILLE, Ala.– “She was going to try to save as many as she could,” said friend and neighbor Anita Maas.

Maas says she will never forget the day she lost her friend Jane Clancy, owner of all breeds rescue and adoption.

“She called me about 1:53 a.m. to call 911. I rushed here and when I got here she was pulling animals out of the fire caught cat room,” said Maas.

Clancy’s house had caught fire, with several animals inside the home.

“She ran into the house to start saving animals. We pulled out the play pin that some puppies were in to do CPR and revive them. As I was doing that Ms. Jane went back into the house to grab some more,” said Maas.

When she went back inside the burning home, the roof collapsed on her leaving her with no way to get out.

Ms. Clancy gave her life trying to save the animals she cared for in total 12 dogs and 40 cats lost their lives.

“There was a total of 48 that survived. We took in 15, Troy Animal Rescue Project took in 20, said Melissa Stanton, Enterprise SOS Animal Shelter Assistant Manager.

SOS Animal Shelter in Enterprise, Troy Animal Rescue Project, Save-A-Pet in Dothan and Dothan Animal Shelter took in the displaced animals.

“There was a cat it’s paws were burned and there were some puppies that were also rescued that suffered some burns but mostly their all in good health they’re just a little bit in shock right now,” said Stanton.

The animals will be brought back to health, vetted, and cleaned.

“Do what Ms. Jane wanted us to do. She wanted us to love these animals and find good homes for them,” said Stanton.

Ms. Clancy’s funeral will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at Sorrell’s Funeral Home in Daleville.

If you would like to help or donate below is a list of drop off locations.

Drop Off Locations:

SOS Animal Shelter in Enterprise
Troy Animal Rescue Project
Save-A-Pet in Dothan
Dothan Animal Shelter
Ozark Dale County Humane Society

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