Armed robbery on Honeysuckle Rd.

Last night around 8:15, Honeysuckle Convenience Store was robbed.
“The suspect entered the store with the knife or the edged weapon and forced the clerk to get on the ground and then robbed them of their money,” said Dothan Police Department’s Lieutenant Will Glover.
Then, he fled the scene on foot.
“Right now, the only description we have of the suspect is a black male wearing a ball cap, some sort of blue or black sweatshirt and blue jeans,” said Glover.
Glover said armed robberies are not uncommon here in Dothan, and the amount fluctuates like many other crimes and the past six months there has not been a slight decrease.
But never let your guard down and always know what to do if you find yourself in this situation.
“It’s our stance at the police department to comply with the persons demands,” said Glover. “If they want money, obviously give them the money.”
Adding cashiers or clerks need to find out each individual store’s policy, but typically robbers will not harm anyone if they get what they came for.
“Money can always be replaced but a human life cannot be,” said Glover.
And any customers or standers by, Glover advises them not try to play hero, instead keep their eyes peeled for any details that can help lead to an identification of the suspect.
“Hopefully, get a vehicle description, or a tag number, clothing description, or something even as simple as the direction they took if they are running on foot,” said Glover.
If you have any information on this robber’s identity, call DPD at 793 – 0215, or leave an anonymous tip with CrimeStoppers at 793 – 7000.

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