DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Rip Hewes Stadium has been in the Circle City since the 1960s and now the city is spending over $12 million dollars to give it more of a modern look.

$3 million dollars were dedicated to phase 1 of the project that started last year — installing a new lighting system, repaving the parking lot, and putting in a new video scoreboard.

But the bulk of renovations is taking place in phase two which is now underway.

“The new artificial turf is going in behind us and this will be ready for the football games here in a couple of months,” said Andrew Love, the general services director.

Right now, a construction crew from Astroturf is laying down the carpet and piecing it together before the final step of striping the artificial grass.

With the sweltering heat just a few days into summer, the football season could be brutal for teams. Although the field will look much better and easier to maintain, the playing field typically becomes hotter — as turf attracts heat.

“What we have done here is purchased some newer technology with this astroturf puts wood pellets in the grass rather than rubber which lowers the temperature a great deal,” He said.

Also, as part of phase two, a home and away locker rooms will be built for athletic teams and a brand new concession stands for fans to enjoy.

“We tried to upgrade the area and neighborhood and make it more like a park feel, so people can come out here and exercise, walk in the parking lot, use it for other activities and not just a football field,” He said.

Love said the locker rooms and concession stand may not be ready by the first game of the season due to supply chain issues.