Ashford Academy has more financial troubles

This time last year Ashford Academy was making news for closing it’s doors and not even paying their employees 
“The school would still be there if they hadn’t stole the money,” said Diana Byran.
And this year the financial troubles continue… 
“I heard some bad stuff,” said Diana Byran.
After months of investigating, the Houston County Sheriffs office is now on the lookout for Douglas John Bauer.
“He was supposed to be the individual that dispersed the money to the appropriate obligations,” said Captain Billy Rafferty.
Instead he pocketed $37,000 dollars.
“Wow,” said Diana Byran.
An estimated cost for attendance was roughly $4,000 dollars a semester per student.
“The parents that paid got ripped off too because that was unfair to them,” said Diana Byran.
However, the investigation didn’t start until after the school had closed.
“No students there’s no income coming in but they are still having to pay power and any loans that were out,” said Captain Billy Rafferty.
This recent discovery shocking many in the community.
“I think that he was really totally wrong and where did the money go?,” said Diana Byran. “Where is it? Is he living in a high dollar house and spending those kids money?”
According to the sheriff’s office Bauer is now longer in Ashford, not in the Wiregrass or even in the state of Alabama.
“I personally believe that he knew he’s done wrong and he left the area to get away from his bad decisions,” said Captain Billy Rafferty.
Investigators have several good leads on where to start looking leaving a community anxiously awaiting answers.
“He will pay though what goes around comes around and he will get his back,” said Diana Byran.

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