Ashford proposed gun proclamation update


The Ashford city council gave community members a chance to express their grievances against the proposed gun ordinance.

While it was originally created to keep the citizens of Ashford safe from random gunfire, community members feel the ordinance was not well thought out or well-written, and the way it is now, it infringes on their rights as Americans.

“It seemed to be very far-reaching and kind of unnecessary,” said concerned citizen Bill Gray. “It went way beyond people’s rights to protect their property, enjoy their property and exercise their second amendment rights.”

Citizens fear that with the ordinance as written, they won’t be able to legally defend themselves within the city limits from intruders or even dangerous animals.

Gray took the initiative in advance to look up the city of Dothan’s gun ordinance and said that would be a better example for Ashford to follow because the wording is more specific as to what is actually allowed within city limits.

“It does allow you to shoot a snake, or rabid animal even if it’s in violation of that 100-yard rule if it is to protect your family or intruders you know, those kinds of things,” Gray said.

Even though there were quite a few concerns expressed at the meeting, the Ashford City Council wants to let everybody know they aren’t trying to infringe on anybody’s rights, they just want everybody to be as safe as possible.

“You have got to be able to sit down at a table, come to a common ground,” said Chief of Ashford Police Malvin Anderson. “What’s the best thing we can do to help our citizens here. And that’s my job to protect and serve these citizens and we will go to the council from there.”

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